Our Story

Meet the Peeps Behind Your New Peepers
Velo – (noun) the state of looking smart, sexy and hilarious (pronounced “VEH-low”)**

**Please do not check our definitions against any fancy dictionary. We know of what we speak.

Velo Optics is owned and operated by two eye doctors: Greg Hofeldt, an ophthalmologist, and Chris Covello, an optometrist. Interestingly, their inspiration came through cycling, the adventures an active lifestyle brings and the importance of optimized vision to make this all happen. Their chain link logo represents your best vision as a small, but crucial link in the chain of an active and full life. They have committed themselves to careers that share this goal for themselves and for their patients. Chris, the master glasser, uses his vast optometric experience to create functional and unique frames made for anyone who likes to see well and look good doing it. Greg and Chris work together on every design to create the inherent quality and magic behind each Velo frame. From the materials used to the engineering of the hinges, Velo has not missed any opportunity to make the absolute best glasses you will find on the market. The company is based in the USA in Fall River, MA (a.k.a. Glassachusetts) providing independent optical shops with small batches of uniquely refined, high quality eyewear.

Choose frames that tell your story-- Let our glasses speak volumes about your personal style and attention to quality.

So, “spec” yo-self before you…and, well, you know the rest.


The team at Velo Optics designs and prints every frame as a 3-D prototype to test and modify fit, comfort, and design for every kind of consumer prior to the creation of our final product. In sum, we make high tech specs.

They are durable and made with the highest quality materials.
They are mighty comfortable.
They have been field tested and designed to fit a variety of face shapes.
They make you instantly smarter and cooler.

Don’t look like everyone else and opt for an ordinary pair of glasses—you want your cocktails highly crafted; why settle for less when it comes to your face furniture?

Learn About Velo Optics story and The Art & Science of Iconic American Eyeglasses & Eyewear, created by eye doctors in Fall River, Massachusetts.